FREE Tint Pack – Ultimate Tint Business Starter Pack (Free Tint Pack With Film Bundle)

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Ultimate Tinting Starter Pack – Free Tools & Resources

Jumpstart your career in window tinting with our Ultimate Tinting Starter Pack. For a limited time, we’re offering the essential tools and resources you need—at no cost to you when you buy a Union Window Films bundle!

Pack Includes:

  • Free Professional Tinting Tools: Everything you need to get started.
  • 12-Week Business Startup Manual: Step-by-step guide to launch your business.
  • Tint Vault Extras: Complimentary cleaning cloth and T-shirt for the professional touch.

Bonus Training Film Bundle:

  • Union Carbon 50% : Includes two 24-inch and one 36-inch rolls of Union Carbon50 film, this film is easy to see through making it perfect for mastering your techniques.

Why It’s a Great Deal: This exclusive offer equips you with free tools and enough training film to get you started, saving you money, while setting you up for success.

Act Now: Take advantage of this unbeatable offer to launch your window tinting career with the best resources in hand.

Tint Vault T-Shirt

x 2 Union Carbon - 24 inch (for side windows) × 2

Worth $1200 once installed


Union Carbon - 36 inch (for rear windows)

Worth $1800 once installed

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