The world’s most advanced carbon window film technology offering stunning visuals along with superior heat rejection.


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Advanced Construction

Union Window Films Carbon range utilizes the newest technology available to the tint industry by using advanced carbon particles mixed into the construction of the film, this offers superior heat rejection without interfering with radio signals along with offering stunning visuals and clarity that was before, unheard of.

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UV Reduction


Infrared Reduction


Glare Reduction

30+ Years Of Making Tint

Union Window Films manufacturers have been making window film for the last 30 years while working closely with dealers to bring one of the best window films to the industry.


Cars Just Look Better With Union Window Films

Stylish Finish

Union Window Film Carbon technology can transform any car it is installed on when comparing it to the outdated other types of window films.

Supreme Clarity

Our newest technology Carbon Window Films eliminates any “low angle haze” that many other lower quality window films are plagued with.

High Heat Reduction

By utilizing the newest technology in the industry our Carbon window films make it possible to outperform the majority of other brands with similar lines.